Radiant 3D Strip Lash
Radiant 3D Strip Lash
Radiant 3D Strip Lash

Radiant 3D Strip Lash

Garden Of Winks
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 Product Details: 

  • Uses: Up to 15 wears with proper care 
  • Material: 3D Faux Mink
  • Effect: Wispy
  • Volume: Light 
  • Style: Doll Eye
  • Length: 5-15mm


Proper Removal, Application & Care: 

 Proper removal from strip lash tray: 

  • Garden Of Winks Luxury Strip Lashes are handcrafted and should be handled with care. ALWAYS ensure that you are removing the strip lashes from the lash tray by the cotton band and the outer corner using our GW Strip Lash Applicator or a tweezer. NEVER remove them by pulling at the individual strands as you will risk damaging the strip lashes. 
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Proper application:

  • Measure the lashes right up to your eye in a way that it properly fits the length of your lash line.
  • If required, trim the strip lash from the outer corner to ensure proper application and comfortable wear. 
    • Mascara Application: We recommend avoiding mascara application completely or applying mascara first, allowing it to dry, then applying the strip lashes. Do not apply mascara directly to the lashes.
  • Hold the lashes right at the head with your GW Strip Lash Applicator  and squeeze them gently. Use your preferred strip lash glue and apply just a thin layer on to the strip lash band. Allow it to dry for about 30 seconds or until the glue becomes tacky.

  • Apply strip lash and hold for 10 seconds. 

Proper removal post wear:

  • Wash your hands with fragrance-free hand-soap prior to touching your eyes.  
  • Gently remove the strip lashes by lifting the cotton band off of the skin beginning from the inner corner of your eye. Use the lifted portion of the cotton bad to continue gently removing the remainder of the strip lash. NEVER remove by pulling at the individual strands as you will risk damaging the strip lashes. 

Proper Care & Storage:


  • Do use tweezers to remove any excess glue that may remain on the strip lash band post removal. 
  • Do store the strip lashes safely in the original packaging to ensure they remain safe & clean. 
  • Do use a mascara wand to clean off any excess buildup by brushing through the strip lashes. 


  • Don't submerge the strip lashes in water. 
  • Don't use oil-based or harsh chemicals to clean the strip lashes. 
  • Don't apply mascara directly onto the strip lashes. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Easy install and easy to clean up or cut to size. Better than anything at the drugstores.

So Pretty!

These lashes are light & have a perfect wispy effect! Perfect for a night out!